Discourse group for staff


(Yousef Alam) #21

No, thats what I’m working on this/next week.

(Rubén Martín) #22

This morning I had a chat with @hmitsch about this.

@yousef @leo coordinate with him and the rest of the Participation Systems team around this effort (the mozillians integration one) and their current roadmap.

I’m confident we will come up with a solution that tackles all the views expressed in this topic :slight_smile:

(Yousef Alam) #23

Given that mozillians currently does not have a reliable way to identify current staff (or expose that information), we have decided it is best to start off by connecting the nda group (so NDA volunteers) to Discourse. This is work that can be started now.

As the work on mozillians continues, there will eventually be an up-to-date list of staff on mozillians which we can use to expand the Discourse implementation.

It’s not ideal but currently there’s no real way to get staff data, and we should have all of this working before anything happens with regards to yammer.