Add Mozilla staff to a group

Currently it’s planned that in the next version of discourse-mozillians users in the nda group on Mozillians will be added to an nda group on Discourse.

All staff either have or will be removed from the nda group, though:

Can we distinguish staff from volunteers based on their email? Will everybody who has one of the following emails have signed an nda? (Am I missing any?)

  • *
  • *
  • *

I propose we use a separate staff group, such as mozillians_staff, because then we can use Discourse’s inbuilt feature of adding users to a group based on their email.

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Hey Gang!

So when the new NDA process starts in about a month the old NDA Mozillian’s group will be completely cleared with all current staff and contributors removed from the group. All contributors will need to be invited to sign the new NDA at which point they will automatically added to the NDA Mozillians group.

Hope that’s helpful!


Anybody with one of those email addresses is being paid by Mozilla, whether as an employee or contractor.

The question is, do all of mozilla’s contracts have confidentiality clauses?

Employees definetely don’t sign a seperate NDA document when they start. I had that conversation with someone a couple of years back

@lucyeoh Do you have an answer, or is this one for HR?

Note, there’s also folks like TheOne, who has his moco email only as additional address, which I think is the right thing to do for him, too.

Not sure to which extent that impacts your thinking and code.

Note, I think the question if employees of the corporation and the foundation should be assumed to be in the NDA group is a question for legal. people are not under NDA. See

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Hey Guys,

The actual NDA group won’t feature any staff, it’s just for contributors. As far as legal is concerned as part of every staff contract there is enough of a confidentiality clause that by default they have the same level of permissions as an NDA’d Mozillians. I even have a picture!

Hope that helps!



That’s a good point I hadn’t considered, and means that rather than checking what email a user signs in to Discourse with, we should check what additional addresses they have on Mozillians.

That’s very useful information, but it still leaves the question of can that list of email addresses in the OP be used to identify staff?

Some people above have said yes, others have said no. It would be nice if legal (or whoever else is responsible) could clarify if that is the case, and then publish that clarification somewhere public and findable, because I cannot imagine this is the first or last time this question has or will come up.

I’m afraid the answer is gated on how well curated the email addresses in mozillians are, and likely “not”.

Folks like interns get addresses. For years I had an account of a former intern get bugmail, all of which must have bounced for the same number of years.

That means, you need to verify that removes email addresses that are no longer covered by contracts.

Also, I’m not sure if interns are actually really part of the diagram that @lucyeoh posted.

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That’s interesting. @leo I guess each time you log-in the mozillians groups are verified? Then should have a way to identify active staff (cc @akatsoulas)

log-in is upon user action, so interns not logging in wouldn’t be verified.

I’m also skeptical that we’d verify alternative email addresses on log-in.

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It seems like it would make sense to just have a staff group on Mozillians (even if it’s separate from the NDA group) and keep it up to date as people join/leave.

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That’s true of the discourse-mozillians plugin, as of what happens on Mozillians itself I share @Pike’s scepticism.

discourse-mozillians should (and will) also verify groups every so often (maybe every week?) for every user, so that users who use Discourse as a mailing list won’t get vouched/nda/staff emails if that status changes for them on Mozillians without them logging in again.

I wonder if @pierros would be able to bring some interesting info to this as he’s leading the team doing updates to Mozillians…


It looks like Air Mozilla counts emails as staff, so that’s good enough for me, and answers that question:

They should be removed, but if they aren’t, then it isn’t my problem.

Started technical discussion:

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