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That’s the problem right there.

Note: Apparently it’s important for the original AMA topic to be closed. So here’s a new one to keep the discussion going.

I keep saying that we must know who are working with us, we want to feel we are not alone on the boat waiting for it to sink and there are people interested in what we are doing and we will do.

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I’d point out that, as a community member, you actually didn’t know which partners were working with Mozilla even in the case of Firefox OS. You’d know a few weeks before launch (if you were involved locally), or maybe only when it launched.

Sadly “work in the open” and “work with partners” is not an easy compromise (most of them are publicly traded companies).

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exactly!, as Firefox OS Launch Team member I knew what partners were working with us locally, also in Firefox OS website is listed some partners (devs, hardware, telecom) but now seems that We are working alone without someone who believes in us.

I don’t understand the reason why the moderator page is private, but I would like to copy/paste here all the unanswered quetions from that page, would be nice to see if @Ari can give us more of his time to answer everything.

AMAs are popular not because you can ask anything, but because people answer the questions :slight_smile:

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Hey @zuardi the page isn’t closed, just archived so you need the link to access it - https://moderator.mozilla.org/e/ama-with-ari.

That should still work!

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Maybe another time, I’ll just copy my own questions here since I don’t mind making them public, if other people want to they can do the same:

(ordered by popularity)

  1. Which open source companies or communities have you worked with before Mozilla?
  2. What OS do you use on your laptop?
  3. What do you think about DRM?
  4. What’s your position on NDAs? Should a company built on open
    standards and open source require non disclosure agreements from
  5. Have you ever built a web-page?
  6. What’s your favorite free-software license and why?
  7. Have you ever donated money to a controversial political campaign about gay marriage or other hot topic? (how can we fire you?)
  8. Have you ever tried to build or purchase a computer that was able to run on free-software alone (without blobs)? If yes, how did that went?
  9. Do you consider Wikipedia is a sucessful product/project? Would Wikimedia benefit from a dot com startup culture?
  10. Besides Mozilla, what other internet / free-software related projects do you donate money to?
  11. What’s your opinion about IRC, Telegram, Slack and Whatsapp?

If these were the questions. I am happy these didn’t get answered.


What have I read at the AMA? This is how I see it:

Mozilla has been doing a mobile phone os with a firm belief in openness, and because they are not keen on negotiations with hardware makers and telcos, they are dropping the project, for somehow perceived lack of user base.

Then they are going to engage on some not yet clear ideas regarding IoT or TVs or something else, so they are going to partner with hardware makers and telcos (as IoT devices are not isolated islands) and try to create something with no current user base.

Right me if I’m wrong, but I don’t know where one can find success on the new project. And it’s not that I don’t want Mozilla succeeding, as I like both Mozilla and IoT, but I’m totally pissed off for they dropping FxOS with such a lack of care for their users (yes, it HAS users), developers and contributors.

This is going to itch, but they might just drop Firefox desktop browser as well, it’s a browser that has been losing market share at least on the last seven years, so they should drop it too and focus on some other fancy new project instead:


[EDIT] Oh, and I forgot to mention that Ari is going to get a RaspberryPi, a few sensors and learn some IoT protocols, and try to come up with ideas for their new phase. THIS IS NOT SERIOUS. You don’t drop a whole project without a clear idea of what you want to do next.


A lot of these are “getting to know you” questions, which are half the point of the AMA, and btw, also what helps create a sense of community between people. I think if they had been answered we’d feel a lot more like Ari was trying to make himself available to us than with the answers we ended up getting.


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just found that on the mozilla governance page: “Brendan Eich has the final say in any technical dispute and Mitchell Baker has the final say in any non-technical dispute.”

was the stop of firefox os technical or non-technical? and for technical is that still brendan?

If the idea was to answer only themed or positive questions, maybe the name AMA is not appropriate and a press release would be a better fit.

There’s a conversation on the governance forum right now about that. I don’t think so, but they haven’t chosen a replacement yet either.

Top questions on the moderator were gathered from the questions people raised during last week on the announcement topic with the intention to represent the general feeling of the community.

So we balanced between:

  1. General concerns and questions expressed during last week.
  2. Top questions on moderator gathered during last days.
  3. Live questions during the AMA.

Let us know your feedback on how to improve this for next time :slight_smile: