[Due on Feb 16th] Create a team and join the free Human Centered Design course!

Dear Reps,

As we imagine the future of the Web together and we build prototypes and create new things it is crucial that we design solutions for problems in the real world, that help real people. That’s why we would like to invite you to sharpen your design skills by joining the free Human Centered Design Course from Acumen and IDEO. This course will provide you the skills to find solutions for real problems through a design process that makes sure you take into account what people want and need.

This is a fantastic way to get involved in thinking where we want to take the web. It can also provide great ideas for projects that can be funded through the Reps Innovation Fund. Also, I think it will be a lot of fun AND you’ll be able to share these new skills with your community.

How to join:
Build your design team, 2 to 5 people, preferably in your local place, so that you can meet in person once a week to work on your design. All Reps, FSAs Mozillians and friends are encouraged to participate. The course starts on February 16th! You’ll have to have your team assembled by then. Sign up here.

What to build:
The course will provide some design challenges but you can also bring your own! So if you’re thinking about a particular device or something you would like to develop this is a great opportunity to refine your idea, build and test your prototype.

How much time:
It should take you around 5 hours a week. Think that this is also an educational opportunity and that after that you will be able to share your new skills with your community.

How will we keep track of this:
We hope to get a couple of groups to join the design challenge and if they can, update us on their progress in discourse and/or the Reps call. Turning this into a peer learning activity would bring massive value to all!

How can I learn more about Human Centered Design:
The page of the course has a video that will give you a first idea. IDEO has also fantastic free resources like the Field Guide to Human Centered Design.

If you have any questions we’re here for you. Please let us know here if you’re planning to join so that we can start seeing the teams who join. Take this challenge and create your team, invite Reps, FSAs and Mozillians to join you: we’re really looking forward to designs from all of you!

All the best,

on behalf of the Council

What is Human-centered Design? from IDEO.org on Vimeo.


Hello Rosana,

This is a laudable approach…already signed -up


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@cynthiapereira look that great!

Wow, it’s amazing! Let’s form our team!

cc: @cynthiazanoni


Awesome, thanks for the info Rosana.
I’m in!

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Wow, it’s amazing! :smile:
Thanks @rosana . already signed -up !

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Wow, it’s amazing!
Thanks Rosana . already signed -up

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Great to hear that we already have some Reps signing up! Does anyone of you have a team already?


Great !
I loved the idea !
already signed-up & downloaded the book.
Now, I’m trying to form a small team from Mozilla Tunisia contributors…

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Already done.
Feeling excited about this. :smile:

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Exciting things :smile: Thanks @rosana.
Signed up ! :smile:

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I heard teamwork? :heart_eyes:

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@cynthiapereira thank i am suscribited

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@cynthiapereira and @cynthiazanoni, let’s form a teamwork in Brazil?

@geraldobarros and @cynthiapereira , sure, I’m ready for to do!

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¡Hola @rosana!

I’ve signed up =)

The problem I’m trying to solve “How to reliably get to places using an unreliable mass transport system?”.

Anyone from #communities:mexico willing to join a team? @lasr21? @penserbjorne? @jusai? @odin? @tuxlan? Others?


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This looks like a lot of fun and great skills to learn. @rosana, let’s team up with a Berlin study group! Anyone else in Berlin who wants to join?

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@thornet Let’s create a team in Berlin!

Everyone, the course starts tomorrow, so don’t forget to sign up today!

I see teams forming already all around the world, that’s exciting!

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hello! this is a very nice idea!

Just signed up with some of the Indonesian Reps join the team: @alamanda @fauzanalfi @ariefbayu @kelimuttu and Fadhil (@technowizard17) :wink:

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