Edit email subject HELP!

Hi ! A major reason I chose Thunderbird is because I could modify the email subject of received email! I use it all the time to adjust subjects when they are not relevant, and thus I can find the right emails… Now the extension [EditEmailSubject] (editemailsubject-2.1.1-tb.xpi) is not any more supported in v.68! I could not see any other extension that would allow to change the email subject. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for your help!

You will be aware, if you read other recent posts in this forum, that this type of addon is being discontinued in favour of Mail Extensions (MX). This one will definitely not be updated for TB68.

However, over in the Add-on Developers Forum this addon was chosen as the subject of an exercise to convert it to a Mail Extension - see this thread.

As far as I can see, it hasn’t yet produced a working addon. I suggest you watch that thread, or the project repository.

So it’s fairly certain there will be one - but it may require additional APIs in TB - and it may only run in later versions of TB.

Thank you DaveRo! Very depressed by this ext being discontinued, I ordered all my mail this way, people always use unrelated subjects!
Hoping they develop this extension soon!
Is there a way to be notified? Or just check the thread every few months?
I think there were 3000 users, not very large, yet some interest.

I understood that the new (under construction) version of “EditEmailSubject” has the working title “EditEmailSubject-MX” and will run with TB68 and later versions.

@a.conversi It is highly probable that this new version of this addon will be available sooner or later (however I have no idea how long it will take).

In the meantime, have you ever used the “Search Messages” function of TB?
(Menu commands “Edit” -> “Find” -> “Search Messages”)
This is a very powerful tool to find specific messages.

Meanwhile, ‘dillinger’ on mozilla.support.thunderbird reports that this addon works: https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-US/thunderbird/addon/headertools-lite/

The author of HTL for 68 has also released: Edit Email Subject

FANTASTIC! Thank you very much @DaveRo, @sfhowes! I have installed it and it seems to work well!!! Is there a way to send this information to all 3000 people who subscribed to the old Edit Subject?
Another minuscule question, do you know if it is possible to make it a button to put on the customizable banner (ex., where save is), or how to make a shortcut? with old editSubject one just needed to click E to change the subject. On the web I just found how to customize an existing TB shortcut, but not how to make a new one (https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/keyboard-shortcuts).
Thank you again!

Thank you very much @dillinger for making this app! I have installed it and it seems to work well!!! Is there a way to send this information to all 3000 people who subscribed to the old Edit Subject?

With HTL, custom shortcuts can be set to edit the header or full source, so Ctrl+H could show the header editing option with the Subject. The author of HTL and EES also wrote the Phoenity Buttons add-on, so you could request a button for EES in the next version.

Will the old (changed) subject lines be adopted when switching to the new version 2.3?
I’m currently still using Thunderbird 60.x with the old version 2.1.1 and I want to avoid losing all changes when upgrading. I’m using the option “only local database”.