How to Make a Feature Request for Thunderbird?

Background: I typically save all email receipts for online purchases/expenditures to sub-folders in “Local Folders”. Just before coming here I was dealing with a receipt that didn’t ring a bell. Then I remembered I’d made a small online donation. However there was no identifying information in the receipt that I’d likely remember months down the road. So here’s my bright…

Idea: A simple “Attach Note” feature or possibly an Add-On. It could be as simple as plain text of 50 characters; better might allow for attaching media… I could imagine attaching a photo/video might be most self-explanatory in some cases.

I looked around and didn’t see this capability… please forgive me if I missed it.

Anyway, there ya go Mozilla. Have at it!

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There is QNote:

To edit the Subject, e.g. add a descriptor: