Email received from Mozilla Monitor - spoof or more?

Today I received an email from:
Firefox Monitor (
Subject: Mozilla Monitor found your email in a new data breach

If relevant, its a yahoo account.

I have never seen Mozilla as a .COM before. In addition I have never heard of “Firefox Monitor” which I assume would have been communicated to users upon implementation.

Is this a new feature or spoof? redirects to so it’s also owned by mozilla.

monitor looks into data breaches and checks if you got hacked. it’s a really nice service.


From the Firefox Monitor FAQ:

How do I know these emails are really from Firefox and not from a hacker?

Check the email address in the sender’s field. Firefox Monitor emails will always come from . Firefox will never ask you to enter your login credentials or password in an email. Most online services won’t ask you to enter your login info directly from an email. If they do, you should instead go directly to their website to log in.