Good Day…

I am not a tech guy so i won’t be much help but only bringing to light the following.

I keep getting this sudden “Enable Addon: enable-privacy.org
it says its an add on and has the extension file but it is nowhere in my extensions or addons and not found in the addons search.

Yesterday it completely crashed my Mozilla Firefox.
If you close it a new window appears and it just continues doing this till you have to open the task manager and go end task over and over on mozilla… if you not fast enough, a new window opens and you have to end that task as well…

Madness… sadness

It really messed with my studies!

Hi brendon, if you check the Add-ons page, Extensions panel, do you see it toward the bottom, grayed out, indicating it was discovered by Firefox but is disabled? If the extension does not have a Remove button, it likely is installed in a shared folder (external to your current profile) and may have been discovered in the Windows registry, if you run Windows.

Alternately, considering the repetitive tabs, it could be that a page, other add-on, or external program keeps pushing an .xpi URL.

Either way, are you able to start and run Firefox normally now? If not, you may need to prevent Firefox from doing a normal crash recovery at your next startup. This thread on Mozilla Support lists some options:


Thank you very much.

it did finally go away and hasn’t reappeared again.

Thank you for your assistance.

I evaluated my actions…
The only web page that i opened on request from a colleague was that YiFi/yify (That torrent site). that is the only site that was new that i don’t visit and except for my studies was the only other tab open.

Therefore i think it must be related to that site.
Hope that helps.

Thanks again


Wtf, that domain/link redirects to Google. Which is kinda the opposite of privacy. :laughing:
What is this?

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