End-of-year update

In the past two months the Participation Systems team has made a number of improvements to this Discourse instance which we want to share with you.

The most noticeable are the speed improvements after migrating to our new infrastructure. If you found Discourse to be slow or temperamental in the past, try taking another look at it now - you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

At the end of November Persona, our login system, reached its end-of-life, so we had to migrate to a new authentication system. Like many other sites within Mozilla we moved to Auth0, enabling staff to login with their LDAP credentials, and the community to login by clicking a link emailed to them. To log into the new system, simply use the email address associated with your Discourse account. If you have trouble accessing your account after this change, please get in touch.

Most recently we’ve added an NDA category. If you are part of the Mozillians.org NDA group or sign in with a staff email, you’ll be able to access it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the many improvements to Discourse over the past year, and we’re already planning many more for 2017! If you have any needs, wants or ideas, please let us know.

Happy New Year,

From all of us at the Participation Systems team



Thank you for the news. Just a note, is the NDA group accessible by any
LDAP login? As I have LDAP for more than 2 years with committers agreement
only, and signed NDA just a years ago before Mozlando.

If your LDAP email is associated with a Mozillians account which is in the NDA group, then yes it is accessible. Otherwise, unless it’s an @mozilla.com or @mozillafoundation.org email, then it isn’t.