Ensure this value has at most 250 characters (it has 312)

I am trying to submit an addon but can’t because the form doesn’t let me showing that error on title. My addon supports i18n and so I went and looked into the other locale description which was really showing 312 characters and I shortened that to be less than 250 as well but still can’t seem to submit. Any suggestion, idea, why?

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Unfortunately, it’s not clear to me what’s causing your issue. However, since it appears you may be new to the site and this is your first add-on I wanted to let you know it’s easy to change the summary once your add-on is in the system, so it might be fastest to enter an even shorter summary, submit it (if possible), and then work through the issue once it is in.

So, it’s a known bug from years back. I knew that but didn’t know what’s the fix. I will write a detailed way of tackling this(I know how now) after I complete the submission, so people who search for this in the future can have a reference point on how to fix it.


How to fix it. It said * Ensure this value has at most 50 characters (it has 52) for my add-on title, but it only has 12 characters actually.

I was frustrated with this bug for a while and finally was able to submit the extension. I didn’t make screenshots thought but it’s pretty easy to find what for the workaround. Inspect the input field/textarea that is giving you issues, look into the html that corresponds to it and find greyed-out blocks that represent locales supported by the extension. Remove all of them and try submitting again.