If your addon supports multiple locales and grabs its name from i18n, the submission process can break


When submitting an addon with __MSG_<var>__ as its name in manifest.json, if the name in particular locales is longer than 50 characters, the submission process gives a pretty unhelpful error:

I only happened to figure out it was an issue with certain locales by looking at the source of the page:

Would be nice to see some improvements to reporting errors in string validation.


Actually, it appears reducing the length of the name in those locales didn’t help, nor did deleting them entirely. Seems I’m unable to submit my addon at all, and I’m not sure why.

It appears that the first time you upload the extension, the names are sourced from your locales and then stored in hidden input fields, and are not subsequently updated when you upload new versions of the addon.

I managed to fix it by editing the hidden input fields, but that was definitely a less than ideal submission process!

Hi @Makeshift!

Thanks for reporting this and sorry you had less than great experience with submitting the extension.

It’s a known issue from the past. I’ve brought it up with the team after your report but if you want to follow it along or share your thoughts on it further, the linked ticket is a great place to continue.

Ah, I didn’t come across that link! Thank you, I’ll add to that.

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