Events delegation

(Дмитрий Каменских) #1

Hello everyone!

I like new developers panel, but this tool have some problems with finding events.
We have nice button (ev) near each element with events.
But if I make event like that:
$(document.body).on(‘click’,’.my-element’, function () {console.log(1)});

In that case i will have couldn’t find this event by the element with class “.my-element”.
We had good tools for this in firebug and event-tree in chrome, but here we have no tools to work with this type of events in new developer panel.

I hope u will add that in future.

P.s.: And multiline-console will be great kill feature.

(Mike Ratcliffe) #2

The problem is that all events in JQuery are delegated… the only difference between delegated and non-delegated events is that non-delegated events are delegated from document.

We do have a bug for this:

I don’t have time to finish it off but the patch is attached to the bug. It shouldn’t take much rebasing and was close to landing so you are more than welcome to continue my work.