What's equivalent to Chrome's 'event listener' tool?

what’s equivalent to Chrome’s ‘event listener’ tool? Thanks.

Elements with events have the events badge in Inspector, which you can click to see all attached events and their handlers.

I’ve had the same problem as OP. The events badge is pretty nice, showing an excerpt of the code it triggers + link to debugger.
But something is missing. I saw issues raised and that requested as a feature.

Example : unban mouse right-click listener on sites that ban context menu : I had played on chrome dev tools and had found that if I disabled the onContextMenu event, I recovered the right click context menu (no matter how the disabling was coded).
On Firefox I tried to do the same, apparently it’s not possible.
After several hours of playing and Qwanting, I found that code on StackOverflow :

var elements = document.getElementsByTagName("*");
for(var id = 0; id < elements.length; ++id) {
elements[id].oncontextmenu = null;

Worked like a charm, but not as handy as a checkbox.
Then I realized one can just SHIFT + right click, but it’s not the point here.
Event listener management in dev tools could be improved and yes, I have no idea how.

Thanks for the detailed use cases!

We have plans for a new Events panel with bubbling events and disabling handlers in a backlog we created for event breakpoints. Let me file some bugs for it and post them here

Wow, thanks, I was afraid I’d come off as demanding, I know this is free and open source, yes this was just me playing with the dev tools, I’m sure that there are more sensible / needed use cases for the pros (I read the backlog, thanks), but that was my 2 cents!

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