Thunderbird update system

Hi all of you,
I would like to address this request to the Thunderbird developers, but I don’t know who or how to contact them.
So hopefully one of you can pass this request on to the right people.
It’s about modifying the update system a bit, and I think my request might be of interest to people.

In fact, the request that I am making here has its origin in a problem that I have had since last year.
I was using an add-on which was essential for me, but since the update of Thunderbird was made, I lost the possibility of using the module in question, and I confess that the management of emails has become particularly difficult since I no longer have the ability to manage the background colors of email accounts. It was with the “color folder” module. I just made a request in the forum to see someone could provide an answer to this problem … I hope I put it in the right place, because I can’t understand how this forum works, and since it is only in english and my english is not good, i am totally lost in this forum.

But so, like I said, I lost the ability to use this mod. And if I had been informed that I couldn’t use the add-on anymore before updating thunderbird, well, I wouldn’t have done it. I no longer need the color management of the background of the accounts to find my way around all the accounts than the changes that have been made.

And this is where my request lies: would it be possible that, when we receive the notification of an update, there is also information on the modules that will no longer work with the update.

There could also be an option in Thunderbird’s settings that allows us to block update notifications if the update were to block or prevent the use of an add-on.

At the same time, it would be really great to be able to go back, that is to say that, if we make an update that causes problematic events, that we can downgrade Thunderbird in one click to find the previous version.

Here, I think that the evidence of the interest of my request does not require further explanation. As much short as long speech.

So if anyone could take that suggestion back to the Thunderbird developers, that would be great.
Thank you.