Exams/Finals and availability


Hi all,

Most of you on the team are students, and we’re about to hit that time of year where you’re going to go missing. Could you reply here with:

  • The date range you will be focused on exams/finals - Include the days you’ll need to study and complete final assignments, not just the days of the finals!
  • Any Community Ops tasks that you are confident you will keep up with during this time - “None” is a perfectly acceptable answer.
  • Any Community Ops tasks that are important to get done that you will not have time for - eg perhaps you are in the middle of working on a plug-in for Discourse, but you won’t be able to get to it again until June.

This is going to be an interesting experiment for me as I’m going to try and prevent our progress from stalling too much while you’re busy!

(Tanner Filip) #2
  • First two full weeks and 25-26 May. I graduate on the 30th, so after that I’m free.

  • I don’t think I’m in good shape to commit to anything right now, so none.

  • I can’t think of anything.

(Yousef Alam) #3

From now until the 28th, and since pretty much everything Discourse related is blocked on replacing S3, shouldn’t fall behind on anything.

(Logan Rosen) #4
  • I’m busy for another month or so.
  • None.
  • WPaaS (but @tad is working on that for now).

(Leo McArdle) #5
  • I should be focused from now until June 22nd, but whether I will be is another matter. I’m almost certainly going to be nowhere to be found during most of June, because I have exams from the very beginning, and then I’m going on holiday with friends at the end.
  • None
  • I think Mozillians API v2 is nearing completion, but I’m not sure when it’s going to be ready. Once it’s usable, we’re going to want to work quite quickly to implement (both technically and ‘legally’) nda stuff on Discourse.

(Tom Farrow) #6


I’m not entirely sure when my exams are, other than my business exam on May 25th

I have a few other exams, but they probably won’t get in the way
Consider me as business as normal :wink: