Fake reviews?

(Lars E Jonasson) #1

For many years I used to use the addon iMacros. Sadly it became crippleware, but an old version of the addon together with the nine year old Firefox 3.5.2 solves the problem.

When i look trough the the rewiews for this addon I see a strange pattern, many five star reviews have nonsense comments like “dfghsdfdsf” or just “good”:

Compare that with the rewiews for Adblock Plus where most people write why they think it is good or bad: https://addons.mozilla.org/sv-SE/firefox/addon/adblock-plus/reviews/

Hence I believe that the five star “dfghsdfdsf”, “cxfxf” or “fghf” rewiews may not be authenthic. I did not report them as spam as I want you to see if there is a bigger pattern.

Anyways I think it is strange that one can create a great free addon and let it get high ratings, suddenly replace it with crippleware that is only useful if you pay $99 and the crippleware inherits the good ratings just as if it were a real upgrade.

(Andreas Wagner) #2

I went through the recent reviews and deleted some of them. Please do flag the ones you see and a moderator will have another look. Thank you.


I have noticed the same as you.
For example at this very problematic FF-Addon WOT (which was forbidden some times because they have sold data from user to advertiser etc.). Und nobody controls them now, if they dont do they same again.
Here you find a lot of negative reviews with arguments and some 5-Stars, which all have a very strange user-name (and which only do one review at all, google search):
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“Perfect”, “Awesome” - mostly very short reviews
Btw: why cant we look at the Profile of the reviewers anymore ? That was possible still some time ago.