[Support] Offline QR code generator

(rugk) #1

BTW, I wrote an Offline QR Code Generator. (on GitHub)
I found many other QR code add-ons too “heavy” or cumbersome and not really user-friendly. Many also use Google Web APIs for generating the qr code, while this add-on works completely offline.

However, it also has some nice unique features like resizing the QR code in an easy way, which AFAIK no other add-ons has. You can also, easily generate a QR code from your own text.
And it even has color support.

While creating it, I tried to make it lightweight, functional and intuitive at the same time. (Not too easy, but actually worked quite well IMHO.) And of course caring for your privacy… :smiley:

So feel free to try it out! It still has no reviews on AMO, e.g.

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(Syamkumar) #2

good work on the addon.