Feature request: Dev tools -> Network -> request details -> Response -> Response payload -> Ctrl+A selects the payload's content only

When evaluating a network request under Network tab, there is “Response” tab.
When that is clicked, it is impossible to select all the “Response Payload” content using “Ctrl + A” which is very annoying.

Please, consider making it possible to select all the “Response payload” content with “Ctrl + A” keystroke.

Now after mouse click in “Response payload” content and “Ctrl + A” is pressed, too many things are selected including the “Network” window elements.
Here is an example:

Why such feature will be beneficial:
It is very common that the raw response content is needed for deep evaluation in some text or code editor. For that I’d expect an easy way of copying the response content into clipboard without manually selecting content from the first character to the last one with mouse.

UX sucks in regard to network requests =(

Agreed, this is annoying. We have an issue filed to replace the components used in the panels and will make sure that copying and Select All works for those.

Meanwhile you can use the context menu on the resources to copy the response:

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