[Feature Request] Option to enable/disable the identity menu on the + button


I love Containers, thanks for this very great feature !

I’ve seen in discourse there is before the possibility to choose the identity when we open a new tab with the + button, but some peoples ask you to remove it because this confusing people.

Why not add a option to activate it manually ? For people who only want to use Containers each tab, it’s really annoying on a laptop to make a long press ( I never use the click buttons, just a touch on the touchpad )

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Another option is changing about:config setting privacy.userContext.longPressBehavior to 1 which will make you have two clicks instead.

Let me know if that is any better, some versions of Firefox may instead be able to use ctrl + . instead to open the window and allow keyboard navigation instead too. (I think mac and Firefox stable doesn’t work).

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Nice ! It’s perfect for me !
May be this could be a option somewhere for users who want this easily ! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot !

Yeah maybe, we are trying to cut down the customisable requests at the moment so we can get ready for a more general release.

However I can see hover, click and long press be options in the future. I do think however hover despite it being a great advert for containers isn’t a good default.

The other bug with the 1 behaviour is it doesn’t allow creating default tabs either.

Yes I understood the need to freeze features for publishing a stable release. BTW, when this feature is enabled, this could be great to have a popup or something when we press CTRL+T, to ask the identity too (if the feature is enabled of course)

Thanks again for this amazing plugin, it’s by far my favorite !