Feedback wanted: Inspector Navigation

Hey all! We’re working on some improvements to the Inspector HTML view. One of the more experimental ideas adds back and forward buttons.

However, our team is split on what these buttons mean to us in this context. When you look at this mock-up, and imagine clicking the back button, what do you think it would do? (Or should do?)


For me, I think I’d expect that this would select the element that was previously selected.



Honestly, I can’t think what they would do. I it was undo and redo you would have used different icons.

If it is to navigate the history of previously selected elements maybe we should use some custom icon?

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I agree; the <-- button should select the previously-selected button, and the --> button should return to the one that was selected before pressing <–. Being able to quickly go back and forth among elements you’re fiddling with this way could be extremely useful.

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