Firebug and Firepath not compatible with Firefox Quantum

(Chandrakala Reddy) #1

Firebug and Firepath addon’s not compatible with new version of firefox.

(Caitlin Neiman) #2

Firebug has been retired (see Saying Goodbye to Firebug). However, all of the capabilities of Firebug are now present in current Firefox Developer Tools. Here are some resources for migrating from Firebug:

I’m still looking to see if there is a replacement for Firepath.

(Sima Patil) #3

why firebug is removed from new version

(Caitlin Neiman) #4

Please see the post ‘Saying Goodbye to Firebug’ (linked above).

(Uday Kumar) #5

Any update on replacement for Firepath?

(Olakuu) #6

Any update on replacement for Firepath?

(Pnjagadeesh) #7

Without Firepath there is no way we can test my custom xpaths. We always build xpath to use in our testing. Now there is no way to build our own xpaths…generic xpaths always fail we cannot use it directly. Sad that Mozilla decided to remove Firebug and FirePath. And alternatives are not that useful.

(Martin Giger) #8

You should be able to test your XPath expressions with the devtools console by running them in document.evaluate. See

(Decembre56) #9

I filled a bug about:
"FirePath alternative to find/test CSS selector easily ? "

Because testing CSS selector is less efficient (or i can’t find the right way) than before.