XPath Checker - add-on missing in new Firefox

(Petr IXI) #1

Hi, after upgrading to new Firefox version, I lost my favourite add-on for checking XPAths.
Here is web: http://slesinsky.org/brian/code/xpath_checker.html
Bellow on this page you can find Source code for old Firefox. (or directly here: http://slesinsky.org/brian/downloads/xpathchecker.tar.gz)

I would like to ask you, if there is possibility to rewrite/refresh/reconfigure this add-on for new Firefox. Is there somebody with more experience and try to look at it?

Note: I was writing to Brian Slesinsky, but he did not answer :frowning:

(erosman) #2

Personally, with the modern CSS selectors, I haven’t used XPath for a very long time. That could be the reason XPath Checker hasn’t been updated since 2005.

The new Firefox Web Developer tool provides good functionality for CSS Selectors.

WebExtension API doesn’t have the same access as the legacy API did, although I haven’t checked its code to see if that would be possible as a WebExtension.

(Petr IXI) #3

Here is video, how it looked like in old Firefox: https://youtu.be/gRydJdkBmbo?t=828

(Petr IXI) #4

Nobody any idea? Pleeease…