Firefox Developer Edition 58

(Larry Wasson) #1

Have updated to Firefox Quantum 57. The Firebug tool bar is gone or not compatible with this version. Tried to download and update to Firefox developer edition Firefox 58.0b5(1).dmg. The file will not open. Error is Firefox 58.ob5(1).dm disk image not recognized and could not be opened.


Not sure I really understand, but Firebug is discontinued, see As for the Firefox Developer Edition (which is “just” the beta release of Firefox with various developer friendly options enabled by default, I never had a problem to install from

Maybe you can retry to download and install.

There’s also some docs for previous Firebug users on how to make the change to the native Firefox DevTools at

Or maybe just start at the overview of it at

(Larry Wasson) #3

have tried to download about 10 times and every time the same error Able to download the file Firefox 58.0b6-1.dmg with 27.8 MB, but will not open because the disk image in not recognizable.

My computer is running MacOS 10.13.1

(Nex Inspiration) #4

Hey Larry,

If you are planning to use FireBug, it’s discontinued and you will not be able to find in any versions of firefox after 57 (includes 57). You can read this link as mentioned by nachtigall.

I am also using the same version of Mac OS 10.13.1 but there doesn’t seem to be a problem. Here is the download link. Can you try this once and get back to us.

(Larry Wasson) #5

Downloaded again and still not able to open. Same problem of disk image not recognizable.

(Nex Inspiration) #6

Just for a few confirmation so I could help you find a solution, what was the size of the firefox dmg file you had downloaded?

(Larry Wasson) #7

Thanks. Each time the Developer file was 27.8 MB when downloaded using Firefox. Decided to download using Opera and the file increased to 64.7 MB and opened with no problem. Developer tools are now installed.

Firebug was able to show all images on a web page. Is there a replacement for this feature?

(Nex Inspiration) #8

Hey, am not sure if this would be what you are looking for. If you look at the Images filter under Network tab in the dev console. You might be able to see all the images requested by the site.

(Nex Inspiration) #9

It seems you can also right click on an image and click View Image Info, which will provide you a list of all images downloaded by the particular page.

(Larry Wasson) #10

Thanks for the information on viewing images on a web page… The right click mouse way seems to work the best for me.

(Nex Inspiration) #11

:+1: Good to hear that it worked out well for you :slight_smile: