Firefox 122 Ubuntu snap breaks native messaging

Just updated to a new 122 (stable) snap and native messaging is broken.

Is this a known reported bug/regression?

Still working in Beta from deb repository.

Canonical is aware of this problem:

OK, thx. I’m not the only one, as it seems.

AFAIK Mozilla wanted to have snaps.

Now they have released their own deb repository

I’m not sure what the recommended way of using Firefox in Ubuntu is nowadays.

snap performance was OK lately, but these bugs are discouraging.

BTW I have FIrefox Beta (deb) installed next to Stable (snap). Ubuntu 22.04LTS.
Both are named Firefox and have the same icon.

Not nice, why isn’t Firefox Beta called Firefox-Beta and having a different icon, like the Developer blueish one.

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FYI, fixed in a new snap update, so that’s great.