Firefox 66 SUMO Sprint - RSVP now!

Hi SUMO Community :raised_hands:,

We’re a week away from the release and now is the time for you to book a spot to participate on the Firefox 66 SUMO sprint. Our sprint will start on 19th March and last until 2nd April 2019.

Whether you’re passionate about Social Support or already contributing on the Forum (or maybe even both), this is a great chance to help thousands of users like you to browse the internet just a bit more safely.

You should find all the information you need to know about the sprint in our event page. And please also fill out the RSVP to get the latest update about the sprint.

You can also gather around with your fellow Mozillians in a local cafe and we will reimburse your food and beverages. Just remember to fill out the RSVP and indicate that you want to organize a local event.

And if you have any questions about the sprint, please reach out to me or Konstantina. We’ll be happy to address any questions you might have. :wink:

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