Firefox Accounts considers disabling some locales not meeting threshold

Hello Localizers,

The Firefox Accounts (FxA) project is exploring setting up automation to enable and disable which locales are offered on based on the percentage of complete strings in Pontoon. This will help ensure a consistently high level of quality for FxA users as well as reduce confusion when using accounts or viewing subscriptions which are partially translated.

Initially, the thresholds will be any locale above 90% translated will be enabled and any locales below 80% will be disabled. The 10% in the middle is slack for when new strings are added and won’t change state. Today that 10% would be equivalent to 130 strings so we don’t expect it to be a problem when landing new features as they are rarely that size. The automation would run when the site is deployed: generally every week or two. Enabling and disabling can be done fairly easily.

These thresholds are initial numbers and will be reviewed as we learn more. Before we begin these policies we wanted to give you a chance to send us feedback.

Please let us know your thoughts by May 15th.


It makes sense, below 80% is considerable, and it probably means the locale is not being translated actively.