Add Obolo (ann) in Pontoon

I will like to translate Firefox interface to my mother tongue language (Obolo). The ISO 639-3 code is “ann.” It is spoken in Southern Nigeria.

Thanks for your interest in Mozilla localizations. We usually don’t kick-start a new locale on Firefox desktop, because of the time and effort constraints.
In fact, there’s a cost in enabling Firefox, and significant infrastructure work to set up a new locale. It only makes sense to do it once it’s clear that the locale is supported by a community of people, and the effort is sustainable:

  • It will take several months before the locale is in a position to even get Nightly builds.
  • To get to release, it needs to be close to completion, and have testers (i.e. people who use the localized build on Nightly).
  • If the locale reaches the release stage, it needs to be maintained for the years to come. Dropping a locale from release is extremely complex, and that’s why there’s an entry barrier for new locales.
  • There are external dependencies (Unicode,, that will affect how the locale works and looks in Firefox.

There are smaller projects where a new locale can have tangible results in a shorter time-frame (Firefox for iOS, Firefox for Android, depending on the support on the platform). Those projects can be used to support a request to start localizing a project as large as Firefox in the future.

Would you be interested in starting off localizing Firefox for Android? It has fewer number of strings, as you can tell here:
(1199 strings total).
I’m happy to get you started off. Just let me know!

Yes. I can start with that. Please set it up. Thanks.

Ok, I will send you a direct message here shortly about this.

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