Firefox add-on update bug (Alitools)

(Igor Slizen) #1

Hello, Firefox AMO team.

  1. I back to you with a question about additional warnings prompts again.
    We add warning prompt in our add-on that AliTools requires permission for access user data from all sites. (

After every update of our addon, when we add new online stores in AliTools our users see warning that our add-on requires permission for access to user data from new sites. (
We have a problem again while updating the extension.

One of your team members (Andrew Swan) mentioned, that is a bug 1331769 which was fixed in Firefox 58

  1. I made a small screen capture video to describe problem.
    I Install 4.0.4 Version AliTools
    Click Update extension from extension context menu
    Here is the link to dropbox with video:

  2. Our extension requests permissions to access all sites:
    “permissions”: [

Content scripts are used only on sites where necessary:
“content_scripts”: [
“matches”: [

The problem is that when we add a new URL for content scripts, Firefox asks users to access new sites after updating.

Will wait for your reply.

Kind regards, Igor.
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