Firefox Developers Edition robs me of valuable real-estate by centering 'Bookmarks Toolbar' items instead of the previous 'Justified-Left' positioning

I use both Firefox, and Firefox Developer.

On both, I have the ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’ set to ‘Always Show’. (“View” » “Toolbars” » “Bookmarks Toolbar” » “Always Show”)

I then open ‘Customize Toolbar’. (“View” » “Toolbars” » “Customize Toolbar…”)

At the ‘Customize Toolbar’ tab, I drag the item ‘Search’ onto the ‘Bookmarks toolbar’. Then I drag the item ‘Bookmarks toolbar items’ onto the ‘Address toolbar’, on the right side of the address text-area.

As a result, when using Firefox, I always have the ‘Search’ text-area available as a place to put text, which is available to all open tabs.

Among other things, this is very handy for immediately pasting, and viewing the URL underlying a link (after I have right-clicked the link, and then clicked “Copy link”).

And it is handy when doing research using ‘search’, because the search-terms-phrase I use in one tab, are available in a new tab that I open, and I can modify the search-terms-phrase, and thus open another set of search results in that new tab, based on the modified search-terms-phrase.

As of Firefox 110.0, everything is as it has always been: Greatness.

However, Firefox Developer Edition 111.0b1 has me in a panic, because the ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’ items are centered, which reduces my ‘search’ text-area to half the size of what it was.

See image below.

Please return the unused left-hand portion of the ‘Bookmarks Toolbar’ to us.

Thanking you in advance for saving me from having to use FF 110 for the rest of my life, and thanking you in advance for saving me from having to revert my FF-Dev version to my backed-up 110 version, and using FF-Dev 110 for the rest of my life.

Note: Just kidding about staying stuck on v110… I ain’t that crazy. But seriously, “Help!”