New bookmarks panel

I use Firefox Developer Edition. One of the recent updates changed the way the bookmarks panel\toolbar works. The change IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT! It was far better before when it appeared at the left of the screen and STAYED there unless I closed it. PLEASE PUT IT BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS.

I don’t think the Bookmarks Sidebar has changed, but the way you open it has changed due to major menu modifications. Here are the options I’m aware of:

  • Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+B (on Mac, Command+B)
  • (menu bar) View > Sidebar > Bookmarks
  • Sidebars button (available in Customize)

Ahh… Thank you. One last thought… It’s almost impossible to find a way to send feedback to Mozilla. Obviously not impossible since I did find a way, but it should be FAR more obvious and convenient.

Thanx again,


Hi Randy, there used to be a site called Input but it is getting replaced by something else so in the meantime, there’s this forum, Reddit, and Twitter.

Hi I am a new guy here. Was looking to give an Idea, not sure where to send it/put it.
The idea was to have a left click cube like a tab but a open window 2" square like a minimized window rather than a tab so in theory you could have 6 or 8 open windows on the right which you could bring in and switch too or increase to a split screen…

The Other Idea was, two rows of a bookmark toolbar option. I have so many bookmarks that I end up having to go looking for them a lot. I have 14 on the first line and would like another 1/2" available for a second line.