Firefox for Android on Amazon Kindle Fire



As mentioned in my earlier post, I was keen to be productive at the Orlando Work Week. It was an opportunity to liaise directly with teams and meet people I had only “spoken to” online and make progress on issues.

In the weeks leading up to Mozlando, I noticed that we had a number of questions through the SUMO forum in respect of people wanting to install Firefox on an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. These tablets are lower cost, have a name that users trust and run Android, but Firefox is not available from the Amazon app store.

I found a process for installing it directly in the Mozilla wiki, but this is not very user friendly and there were different schools of thought over which version to recommend - Release, Beta or Aurora (let’s discount Nightly…!). After meeting and discussing this with the head of the Firefox for Android team, I have been able to write this SUMO Knowledge Base article:

Installing Firefox for Android on an Amazon Kindle Fire

I hope you find this useful. Please give me a shout if you have any questions or queries.

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