Replacement for Classic Theme Restorer Addon? Desperately needed!

(Rowellan Mail) #1

I just updated to Firefox Quantum and whatever the awesome new features might be, first of all I’m NOT happy with look & feel.
I really miss the Classic Theme Restorer addon that obviously isn’t running with Quantum anymore.

I want my tabs back to where they belong and not up there where I tend to overlook them. And the rounded versions too - thank you very much.

(isidoco) #2

Agreed, I’m quite angry with aspect / menu changes, and that’s why I used Classic Theme Restorer. Main uses for me were Tabs at the bottom v2, Options in a Window, and square Tabs so there is more space for text within them.

(Makyen) #3

The changes you desire from an add-on are gone, almost certainly for good. Mozilla has chosen that they will not support full themes (i.e. arbitrary changes to CSS). Your primary option to have them in Firefox is to use Firefox 52 ESR (until June 2018).

For themes, you should be able to obtain the much of what you desire by adding CSS code to your profile’s chrome/userChrome.css file.

(Theedge) #4

Thread bump here. I loaded Firefox on my machine tonight and yesterday I had the Classic Theme Restorer as well as Hide Tab Bar with one Tab working. Tonight they’re both not working and Firefox says the Classic Theme “could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been disabled”. Any way I can manually verify it and get it working again? I really don’t like the new look eh.

(Martin Giger) #5

Please check out this thread:

(Theedge) #6

Thank you so much!
Any chance of the Classic Theme Restorer (or the HIde Tab bar addon) being made available for newer versions of Firefox? I bought a new desktop PC with Windows 10 last year but neither of those addons were available when I went to install everything.
Thanks again :slight_smile: