Firefox NoMore404 doesn’t seem to work at all

Sorry to bother you fine folks. I submitted this through the NoMore404 feedback page, not sure if anyone sees that, as all I got back was a generic Mozilla survey, which I dutifully filled in.


  • OS X 10.10.5
  • Firefox 49.0.1

I verified that following extensions are installed, and active:

  • Test Pilot 0.8.7-tag-2016-10-04-2
  • No More 404s 1.5.6
    (Aside: Had to type that last bit. Why can’t I copy/paste these details from the FirefoxAdd-ons Manager Page?)

I was browsing >

which includes a link to:

I don’t see anything from NoMore404, I am taken to

Whereas pasting the link directly into the WayBackMachine at >
leads me (manually, eventually) to

In spite of the disgruntled tone, I do appreciate your efforts. I hope that these details are of help to you. Glad to supply more details, screen shots, etc. if needed.

Still have high hopes for NoMore404. I had been toying with clunky Python/curl scripts to browse I’m not a JavaScript kinda guy.

George Zipperlen

My apologies. A little further research, and I realize that this was not a 404 error but a 301 error, pointing back to the same link:


301 Moved Permanently

Moved Permanently

The document has moved here.

Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS) Server at Port 80

Wikipedia is an excellent source of all kinds of bad links. A link further down the page in points me to

which does take me to a 404 page, with a nice NoMore404s banner at top:

This page appears to be missing. View a saved version courtesy of the Wayback Machine.

Thanks! I should change the title of this thread to Firefox NoMore404s doesn’t work on non-404 errors