Firefox OS user night

Since I’m on Windows, I can’t easily update my own Flame, and I’m not so technically adept on that sort of thing anyway. @jlin is kind enough to help me out. Being totally selfish, I thought of trying to start a social evening for other Firefox OS users in the area. We can get help flashing our phones, talk about apps, or bugs, or whatever.

We’re pretty sure it’ll just be the two of us to start, but why not invite others? Is anyone else interested?

@jlin when works for you? Anything in November or are we looking at the week after Orlando?

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After Orlando would be best. If there’s any interest before that time people should pipe up!

I’m going to London right after Orlando, so basically I can do the Monday or Tuesday (14 or 15 of Dec). So I’d suggest alternately Nov 25th (Wednesday) or 26th (Thursday) if those work for you. Pick one and we’ll go with it!