Firefox: Search in own Addons?

I want to search in my many addons:
But the local search field there searches only outside on:

Chrome does have such search.

You can also search in preferences:
but not in addons. o_O

What about a second search field to find wanted in my installed addons? :slight_smile:


I don’t know whether search will be added to the Add-ons page. You can search some data on the Troubleshooting Information page (on the Help menu or about:support), such as extension title. The description isn’t listed there, however.

In response to a request somewhere, I created a tool to read your extensions.json file and cross-reference it to the Add-ons site to build a web page of data, so that would be searchable using Find.

Thanky you :slight_smile:
A search with STRG+F should be a page search everywhere.

I cant find “extensions.json” on my PC…

The folder is typically in a hidden path on Windows and Mac. The easiest way to open your profile folder is from the Troubleshooting Information page. In the first table, there’s a row labeled Profile Folder with a button to open it in your system’s file browser.

ok, thx :slight_smile:

This is what one wants in FF: a searcheable Table :slight_smile:
I often want to deactivate/reactivate addons but only knows a part of the name when not needed, not used, deactivated a longer time .

You can search in Firefox Prefs for an special item:
Why not in Addons?

Often there is no reason for a missing feature other than no one has gotten around to adding it yet. The Add-ons page remains a work in progress transitioning from XUL to standard HTML and CSS. I don’t know how projects are prioritized.

I didn’t find a bug on file so I filed a new one:

thank you :slight_smile:

Firefox-Developer working :slight_smile:

they will do it finally :slight_smile:

It’s kind of unfortunate that we overloaded that and didn’t do in-page search. I’ll mark it to ask ux about.

Other workaround: open about:addons and click the ‘Find’ toolbar button (available in Customize mode if you don’t see it).

Find in page is not possible in Add-ons manager
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