Search on is just terrible!!

(vstepaniuk) #1

Search on is just terrible!!!

Not to mention the enormously huge problem of not being able to get the bookmark folder path in the search results, it is also extremely hard to find an add-on on AMO web site that solves that.
I open your beautiful, enter bookmarks in the search field, (found 565 results), and on the second page I find an add-on “Bookmark search plus 2” ( which says in the description:

Displays and filters bookmarks on search string, show parent folders.

I think “hm, that is a dinosaur-old problem, and it might be a better solution for it… let’s try also entering bookmarks parent folder directly to check all the new solutions to this problem that appeared recently” Now! Just a second away!

5 pages, 125 results for “bookmarks parent folder”, and NO EVEN “Bookmark search plus 2” !!!

(Jorge) #2

Thanks for filing an issue. There are various problems with AMO search that will be tackled soon, hopefully.