Firefox sync on Chrome


So it is a reeeeeeaaaaally dumb question, still gonna do it. Is it possble to have a chromium based browser to sync with a mozilla account rather than google?

Why? because I prefer having mozilla tracking my data instead of google / microsoft. I mean, I use FF as de facto, but sometimes I still need to use chrome for some websites that ‘funnily’ do not work on FF.

So, it would be nice to sync both browsers to the one company that I trust.


And yes, confinement is doing shennanigans to my brain.


First of all, that is a very good question and the reason why third-party products exist that do exactly that, e.g. xBrowserSync.

There doesn’t seem to be an implementation or extension for Chromium, yet.

There has been an implementation for Firefox Sync for Epiphany, but apart from that, Firefox Sync hasn’t got a lot of attention outside of Mozilla.

Is it possible? Yes, it is. Has it been implemented already? No, not yet.

Hi @Daemonicvs, welcome to Mozilla.

Sync is designed to help move bookmarks, passwords and other data between copies of Firefox, but let’s look at the issue you raise a different way.

What are the websites that are not working right?

I don’t know if there is an add-on to make this on Chrome, but your question comes in good timing, since we have just launched the second phase of the “Hunt from home” campaign:

Probably you will find sites that act funny on Firefox and can help understand what’s not working :slight_smile:

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Engineer on sync here.

We’ve considered it, I think one of the other engineers even had a rough demo at one point. One big issue is that it’s very hard (almost impossible) to do sync without either:

  • integrating into the storage layer of the browser
  • corrupting user data

This isn’t a great situation to be in. That said, there are valid use cases, and maybe the edge cases don’t really matter in practice, e.g. maybe we can accept the corruption and handle it on a case-by-case basis (or maybe we could bite the bullet and do it via dropbox-style rescanning).

Anyway, someone very smart, dedicated, and motivated could probably port some of the code from (I suspect merely compiling it to wasm wouldn’t work, although we’d almost certainly accept patches to change that). Then, probably could be compiled to wasm to work in this manner, and could handle e.g. bookmark merging.

This is not trivial by any means, but it’s certainly possible. If you aren’t intimidated, feel free to give this a shot and reach out in if you have questions.

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Ok, I was not expecting it to be a thing.

I followed the link, and that is basically my issues, sometimes the ‘sharing to FB, reddit, whatever’ do not work, posting or uploading images fail, etc;

the simple things that are annoying.

So, nukeador, I signed myself for the hunting, happy to help;

tcsc, I would, but that is waaaaay above my computing power xD.

Tnx everyone.

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There is no benefits for Mozilla to support such a plugin, it will use Mozilla resources (servers, storage and etc.) to provide free and private sync to other browser vendors and help them to get more profit. Google’s sync generates huge revenue by using the sync data for advertisement, so they might be happy to support Google sync account in all browsers, but there are no advantages in that for Mozilla’s sync platform.

How about a simplified version, that syncs the things most to represent in all browsers: bookmarks, open tabs and maybe credentials (all optional)?

I came here because I have a few resource-limited machines on which FF is just not usable but an efficient Chrome-based browser like Slimjet is. I’d like to keep FF as my main browser though, in part because FF ESR is the only browser still supported on my main computer which I’m keep under Mac OS X 10.9 as long as possible.