Synchronization between different browsers

Firefox syncing is just perfect. However, I have found it difficult to synchronize my bookmarks with other browsers.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use only one browser. Therefore, it is necessary to have our information synchronized between the browsers we use. However, the extensions I found are very flawed, take a long time to synchronize or I have to do manual synchronization. This irritates and wastes our time.

Does anyone use any extensions that do this job as well as Firefox itself? If we can at least sync bookmarks and passwords, that would be great.

If this is not possible, this is an appeal to Mozilla. I’ve been seeing this request for years. I know that some data cannot be synchronized due to technical issues and the browser creation platform, but I believe that favorites and passwords would be possible.

Maybe the creation of an official extension, for Chrome, that logs in with the account we use in Firefox and does the same work that Firefox already does so perfectly.

While Firefox syncing is flawless, extending the same seamless experience to synchronize bookmarks with other browsers proves challenging. Existing extensions often fall short, requiring manual efforts or exhibiting flaws. The plea for an official tool or efficient extensions to sync bookmarks and passwords across browsers, akin to Firefoxs capability, has been a persistent request. Addressing this could significantly improve the user experience and streamline cross-browser synchronization, potentially benefiting a broad user base.