Firefox users depend on it! Join Firefox 65 SUMO Sprint Week, January 29, 2019 - February 12, 2019

Happy New Year! Are you ready to get going with a SUMO Week sprint?

Helping out in an open source community can be very fulfilling. When I participate in other communities, I learn something new, I connect with a new person sometimes, and usually feel like I have made a big difference when I help solve another Firefox user’s issue.

SUMO week sprints are a great opportunity to join in the new year and help thousands of users like you safely and browse the internet just a bit more safely.

Whether it is reminding a user to update to keep their browsing experience safe or just helping with a tune up for a smoother browsing experience, helping other users out can be very rewarding. I and other previous community members that have participated can back me up here.

Just from last year, we had many thank yous that came back the community.
Check them out here if you missed the rewards and reflection from previous SUMO days in 2018

Convinced to join? I know I am. Sign up and RSVP today to join in on the SUMO Sprint during the first Firefox launch of the year, Firefox 65!


Don’t worry we will be there to support you too!


We’re really counting on you all to join us during that period and give a helping hand to the users of the open web :slight_smile: