SUMO Week Firefox 64 December 12, 2018 - December 24, 2018 You are invited :)

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In two weeks we are having another SUMO Week in celebration of the Firefox 64 release. The launch is the second week of December 2018. What is a


We would love your company and participation any time those days to help answer and support our Mozilla users that come to the forums and in twitter looking for help.

SUMO days are a great way to meet other contributors and work together to find the early issues that come during the first week of a release, and to participate in the action.

The amount of participation during SUMO days are aimed to be on days where the forums have the highest traffic. It is likely you will see your friends online. Please feel free to invite new friends as well.

The next release will be December 12, 2018. And we have something special prepared for you.

This time around, we will be doing a special Holiday Team Captain themed sprint that makes its bit more fun and allows for working in pairs or groups of 3. For both contribution area you can sign up for one of four teams in the two contributions areas. You can be on more than one contribution area team.

So here is where we need your help!

We need team captains to sign up to help delegate a few questions to their team. Please sign up on the event page “Contact Organizer”

We also need people to sign up for the teams! Pick one of four teams from the page when you RSVP!

Please feel free to reach out anytime, and I can’t wait to see your names online! Thank you for all your support!

Feedback for all sumo days:

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If you missed the sign up you can still sign up for a team. The trello board where you can join a team is located here:

Be sure to follow the instructions and let us know when you are ready to start. The links to the first round of questions for each team is all ready for you to start answering questions on.

See you online!

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SUMO Week is going pretty well, we have two teams that have completed part one and 27 attendees :slightly_smiling_face:


We started with 4 teams and now have 6 - 2 created for Spanish and Portuguese.

There are still over 200 questions and tweets that need your help!

You can still join if you would like, please feel free to RSVP and we can get you on a team.

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Hi folks,

Thank you so much for all 28 of you that RSVP’d and attended the SUMO Sprint week, it was a pleasure to have you and amazing to see how many Firefox users we could help right before the Holidays.

The final results are posted on the event page, but if you were curious the final team contributions were:

Team Cats Answered: 151 tweets and forum posts

Team WOW Answered: 147 Tweets and Forum Posts

Team Red Panda Answered: 100 Tweets and Forum Posts

Team Fennec Answered: 111 Tweets and Forum Posts

Team Equipo Firefox Answered: 79 Tweets and forum Posts

Team Mystic Answered: 43 Tweets and Forum posts

Team Sixpence Winterspice Answered: 5 forum posts

That is alot of participation. I think it might be the most people that have joined a SUMO party all year. Thank you so much for participating in the new sprint experiment. I have sent all the participants a survey to find out what we can do better next year and to see if the event can be even more fun.
Please fill it out when you get a chance: [](http://SUMO Sprint 64 Survey)