FirefoxTips, an idea to Publish Short Version of SUMO Articles on Telegram and Social Media

I wnanted to let you know you abou FirefoxTips that we launbched in Persian SUMO team as new idea.
It’s for learning new feautures of Firefox and Firefox Family Products and help users to learn Tips, tricks, of Firefox and Mozilla Products.
A short version of SUMO artciles. Like: Did you know Howto make a webpage without pictures and ready to print?
I think FirefoxTips can be like a support Brand for Mozilla and SUMO on Social Media.
We launched FirefoxTips as:
Telegram Channel:
Facebook Page:
Instagram Account:

I want invite volunteer sumo contributtors to create and publish content channel on Telegram.
I can give access to you and anyone you want, for publish content on Telegram Channel.
Currently this project is beta and unofficial by Firefox fans. But we will talk with sumo leaders to make it #official, if they accept.
In addition, i want to know your opinions about FirefoxTips!


Thanks for sharing this interesting initiative! :smiley:

This URL is not working.

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URL Working For me.
In addition you can enter@FirerfoxTips in Telegram search bar

Weird, it’s working now :+1:

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