FireFTP alternative

Hello! I formerly used FireFTP, but have learned that it was discontinued as a Mozilla extension. I’ve Googled for alternatives, but none of them seem to be active either. I’ve searched the Mozilla Extensions page for “FTP,” but get nothing. Can one of you experts let me know what extension will take the place of FireFTP for my Mozilla (Windows 10, PC, if that matters).

The best replacement is to use a dedicated FTP client (like FileZilla) or even Windows Explorer if you really have to. Doing “proper” FTP from within Firefox isn’t possible anymore.

Oh, thank you. So, FileZilla is not an extension, but a product of its own, separate from Mozilla? That would explain why I could not find it in an Extension search. Thanks for bothering to answer. I don’t know how to do FTP from Windows Explorer, but will try to figure it out. I’ve only ever used FireFTP. Thanks!

You can use FileZilla or you want to use FireFTP, you use the old version of Mozilla.