Fixed category positions?

I think for now we need to make the category positions fixed so that people can always find the categories they are looking for. This would be a stop-gap until we can have a better, custom, home page experience.


Yeah - I was experimenting with this on staging a while back. I was organising most categories in alphabetical order, but grouping a few (like countries) together.

I haven’t heard any talk about this. What would our better, custom, home page experience be like?

Heh that is off topic :wink: It’s part of the Discourse “multi-site” discussion.

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So with the huge number of categories we have right now, yes, it’s getting confusing to find one.

My +1 to alphabetical order.

Oh hey, I just realized this change only affects people who visit via the
website, so we can announce this change using a banner topic. We don’t need
to wait on having a full plan for announcements.