Formatting of mails from Mozilla India Social

(Akshay) #1

It’s nice that I’m now getting regular emails from Mozilla India Social. @pmjcreations, are you behind this?

I’ve a suggestion. The way the email is formatted now, it appears neat on desktop but not so good on mobile. Attaching screenshot.

Notice how the text flows out of the screen. Can we make these emails responsive for smaller widths?

(Akshay) #2

It probably works well on gmail for android, but that’s because gmail for android is quirky with css.

Here’s a screenshot from thunderbird

(Akshay) #3

<img src="" alt="MozFest 2016 | Call For Proposals" style="padding-bottom: 15px;" height="419" width="802">
^ This is how the image is embedded in the original mail. I think it’s the static width here that’s causing the problem.

(Jafar Muhammed) #4

Nice catch and thanks for helping me @asdofindia.
I will have a look at the codebase soon and will rectify the issue.

(Jafar Muhammed) #5

I tweaked the code and fixed the issues causing for the overflow.
Thanks for your heads up @asdofindia :slight_smile: