FVD Speed dial add on removed by Mozilla

Why has my FVD Speed been removed without warning? My whole world is in those bookmarks and now they have gone. Speed Dial has been my memory back up and now it has gone! Completely devastated. Please help me get me my speed dial and memory back!


Unfortunately, there is no supported solution for retrieving data from a blocklisted extension. You may find unofficial solutions on non-Mozilla forums such as Reddit.

So post a description of the solution here if you succeed. Or post a link to make it easier for others to find. Thank you

If you have a speed dial account or an everhelper account, you can syncronise your data at the chrome browser.

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К сожалению придется удалить этот браузер

I am with you. This is garbage. Yet again, we see big brother trying to control what we can access.

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