FVD speed dial stopped working

It’s obvious that Mozilla did not test their new update before inflicting it on us. My FVD speed dial is gone; my themes are gone. The thing I’m most upset with is the loss of all the speed dials I’ve carefully saved. I want them back. I am absolutely NOT willing to find another speed dial program and start all over trying to remember all I saved.

Fix this.

Hi @joyce.greer2, We understand your problem. This has been caused by a certificate issue. Firefox Team is currently working on a fix and will be providing updates on this thread: Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install.

Indeed. This thread is the one to read: Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install

I switched desktops to the one my grandchildren used, with the
thought that I’d get all their speed dials transferred over from
firefox to chrome as I did with mine. And I found the strangest
thing: their firefox works perfectly with your speed dials. Why
doesn’t mine?

Joyce Greer

The answers given doesn’t tell me how to get my speed dial back. I lost everything. All I get is a blank screen when I go to my home page. Do I have to start all over? Do I need to find a differentbrowser or home page? My wife uses Google Chrome and doesn’t have any issues, but if I go to that I lose all my favorites.

You may have to manually re-enable your homepage and themes: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/add-ons-disabled-or-fail-to-install-firefox#w_home-page and https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/add-ons-disabled-or-fail-to-install-firefox#w_themes-will-need-to-be-re-enabled

My firefox started to work. I think the programmers worked overtime to get the speed dial working again.

It’s just happened to me :frowning: my speed dial is not working and i had carefully spent a long time adding to it and with important sites I would never be able to remember them all and would take so long to redo I could just never do it again. Are they lost? why won’t it open? can anyone help? please

Hi @Lilyflow, sorry to hear about this.

Can you check your Add-ons Manager to see if Speed Dial is still installed? Here are the instructions for checking:

Click the menu button Fx57menu , click Fx57Addons-icon Add-ons and select Extensions.

If FVD Speed Dial is still installed and its settings are gone, it may be related to an issue with CCleaner: https://support.mozilla.org/kb/ccleaner-deleting-firefox-extension-settings-firef

Hi @caitmuenster Thank you so much for helping with this. I checked it was still installed and it is still showing after clicking those buttons and its icon is still in my toobar but wont work.

I cant remember the last time I used CCleaner but just did a search for it and there is a folder for it on my computer? but there is no date after it so no idea if its even installed?