Recover SITES of the FVD Speed Dial

I understand that FVD Speed Dial violated privacy and for that it was blocked by Mozilla. But at the same time I lost ALL the pages that I use to navigate the Internet. A lot of the pages are sites linked to my daily work. I need to at most take a note about the name of the sites. It’s like my hard drive has been broken by Mozilla.

Please, at least teach us how to recover the information that we has saved for several years regardless of the complement.


If you are looking for a similar looking alternative from a trusted Friend of Addons :slight_smile: where you can import your dials (from a backup file), see my own creation, the Group Speed Dial:

There is a short tutorial here:

It’s not perfect, but it has a lot of features and can handle thousands of dials. It can even backup and synchronize between devices for free :slight_smile:. And if you need more, the Pro version can do amazing things!


Thanks. Since they have known about it and warned the developer of FVD , they should have given all users a few week’s notice . Very shabby. Will use another browser as default from now on as my protest.


Indeed, Opera is said to be still working with FVD.
Anyhow, even if it is not ok from FVD to violate the mozilla rules, it is a nonsense to not warn all the user.


Great support! Thank’s a lot.
Should have known this yesterday, would have saved me some hours of anger.

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Thank you, Juraj. I, too, was apoplectic (upset) about the loss of all of my bookmark/speeddials, but you literally saved the day for me. You have a very nice add-on and I’ve got it replacing FVD in full now. I look forward to learning how to import it from my desktop to all of my Android devices…again, THANK YOU.

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@antarescor I deeply thanks you I was able to recover the data of FVD. I was going to translated your guide to Spanish but probably Mozilla staff erased before I can read it again and translate it. What a shame! :rage:

Thank you, @juraj.masiar ! I give a try on this!!

FVD Speed Dial creators were unethical to steal information from their users. But I also think that was unethical the reaction of Mozillla with their users. I have dozens of pages related with my jobs. Some of those I consult in very rarely occasions, so I don’t remember the web sites, but without them I can’t resolve unexpected troubles.

One theft data, an the other, erased.


Thank you juraj.masiar. I have a feeling you’re about to get a whole load of new users!

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@Mateo_Izaurralde, @actomox, @Orvil, @irishrow, @justposted

Or you can create a new one and post links.

There is an article here on how to get the bookmarks from Speed Dial. Unfortunately, I found this too late and tried reverting my Firefox version thinking it would work this way. Now it’s no longer there. I agree, I have over 100 bookmarks now all lost. Many were important.