FVD speed dial stopped working

It’s obvious that Mozilla did not test their new update before inflicting it on us. My FVD speed dial is gone; my themes are gone. The thing I’m most upset with is the loss of all the speed dials I’ve carefully saved. I want them back. I am absolutely NOT willing to find another speed dial program and start all over trying to remember all I saved.

Fix this.


Hi @joyce.greer2, We understand your problem. This has been caused by a certificate issue. Firefox Team is currently working on a fix and will be providing updates on this thread: Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install.

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Indeed. This thread is the one to read: Certificate issue causing add-ons to be disabled or fail to install

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I switched desktops to the one my grandchildren used, with the
thought that I’d get all their speed dials transferred over from
firefox to chrome as I did with mine. And I found the strangest
thing: their firefox works perfectly with your speed dials. Why
doesn’t mine?

Joyce Greer
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The answers given doesn’t tell me how to get my speed dial back. I lost everything. All I get is a blank screen when I go to my home page. Do I have to start all over? Do I need to find a differentbrowser or home page? My wife uses Google Chrome and doesn’t have any issues, but if I go to that I lose all my favorites.


You may have to manually re-enable your homepage and themes: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/add-ons-disabled-or-fail-to-install-firefox#w_home-page and https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/add-ons-disabled-or-fail-to-install-firefox#w_themes-will-need-to-be-re-enabled

My firefox started to work. I think the programmers worked overtime to get the speed dial working again.

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It’s just happened to me :frowning: my speed dial is not working and i had carefully spent a long time adding to it and with important sites I would never be able to remember them all and would take so long to redo I could just never do it again. Are they lost? why won’t it open? can anyone help? please

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Hi @Lilyflow, sorry to hear about this.

Can you check your Add-ons Manager to see if Speed Dial is still installed? Here are the instructions for checking:

Click the menu button Fx57menu , click Fx57Addons-icon Add-ons and select Extensions.

If FVD Speed Dial is still installed and its settings are gone, it may be related to an issue with CCleaner: https://support.mozilla.org/kb/ccleaner-deleting-firefox-extension-settings-firef

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Hi @caitlin Thank you so much for helping with this. I checked it was still installed and it is still showing after clicking those buttons and its icon is still in my toobar but wont work.

I cant remember the last time I used CCleaner but just did a search for it and there is a folder for it on my computer? but there is no date after it so no idea if its even installed?

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I’ve got the same problem. Mozilla just disabled my PAID Version of FVD! So they need to Fix This ASAP!


Hi James, the extension was blocked today per:


There is a new thread on this but in short, you can install the extension into a different browser such as Chrome to recover those URLs from the company’s server. How you get that back into Firefox is a matter of preference (bookmarks, built-in new tab page, another speed dial extension, etc.).

Hopefully the company will issue an updated version that is compliant with Add-on policies. As a customer, you can help urge them in that direction.

I’m having the same issue and NOT happy! I’ve got hundreds of pages saved in tabs that I’ve built up for years and everything just disappeared with no warning. This is completely unacceptable. I’m glad you mentioned using Chrome to recover them. Thank you for that!


Hi All, could you continue in the newer thread:

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This is an old thread resurrected today. You should see what another FF user posted in a new thread - pissed off is an understatement.

I guess we all need to find a speed dial addon we can import into. And we will get zero help from Mozilla on this. They did not think this action through. Its lovely they were warning the developers but they should have been warning us.

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Where is the new thread? I only see a fellow who is super steamed and basically told Mozilla to go frack itself he was so angry. And I don’t blame him - I am a developer and I know hundreds of people who have this extension installed and they are all hitting me up to find out what happened.

Instead of just a comment Mozilla should be posting a major thread, and provide alternative suggestions or at least point out to people the windows path to view the dials so they can open with an editor and pull out the links.

I mean this is just a dreadful not well thought out decision. If you going to create an action which has consequences you have to also think out solutions not just leave people in the dust. Honestly it speaks to such a poor service etiquette.


Been using FF for years. Pissed me off a few times in that period but that’s it. I can put up with it’s resource hogging, Facebook issues and treating users like children but losing FVD Speed dial is it. No warning and losing the Dials I’ve tailored to suit my browsing means Opera from now on.

BS, There is no option to re-enable it!

Why company would issue an updated version? It is Mozilla that cocked it up and Mozilla MUST fix it!!!

Mozilla, второй раз удаляет мою информацию без моего согласия , или предупреждения , или альтернативы!!! Первый раз было разрешение Fast Dial, но там хотя-бы дали право выбора, свыше Firefox 52.0, оно не поддерживалось, а тут банально ЧИСТЫЙ ЛИСТ !!! Тут реально надо подавать в суд, сколько можно так делать?!