Grace Hopper Open Source Day - Introductions!

Let’s get to know each other before the event - introduce yourself here! Perhaps share a little about yourself, and what you hope to learn or do as part of Grace Hopper Open Source Day!

This thread is for introductions of those attending, facilitating or mentoring at Grace Hopper Open Source Day.


Hi my name is Emma, I am facilitating this day hacking on Mozilla Learning Networks codebase. I have been developing software for about fifteen years and for a while I dedicated a lot of time to developing database skills. I’ve been part of a few open source communities but primarily Drupal, and Mozilla where I have contributed everything from code to curriculum. I believe contribution changed my life and career for the better.
In recent years my heart’s work is in teaching others participation. I hope to learn more about what helps people be successful, and to better understand the challenges of people just getting started at Mozilla. I am mom to three girls :slight_smile:

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Hi, my name is Luis Ibanez. I work as senior software engineer at Google in New York city, in the Corporate Engineering team. I’m an open source enthusiast. I have developed open source software for medical imaging professionally for 15 years (, taught about open source at Rensselaer Polytechnic for seven years and at SUNY Albany for three. I served as director of open source community development at the Open Source Electronic Health Records Alliance ( for three years, and as moderator of for four years.

I’m looking forward to work and learn with you all at the Open Source Day next week.

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Thrilled to have you join us Luis!

Hi Emma and all,
My name is Paula Paul, and I’m very happy to have the opportunity to mentor with Mozilla for OSD at the Grace Hopper conference. I began my career as a software engineer in the early 80’s (!) as a mainframe product developer for IBM; since then I’ve worked for ‘shrink wrap’ software companies, worked for Microsoft as a .NET evangelist, had a couple of tours of duty in corporate IT, and am currently back to ‘indie-tech’ consulting and teaching. I’ve taught Ruby on Rails and JavaScript as a guest instructor for coding boot-camps, and teach teen-coding workshops at the public library. OSD is a real treat for me and I am looking forward to becoming more active in this community and meeting you all! I do most of my work on a Ubuntu VM running under HyperV on Windows 10, and like tinkering with my Raspberry Pi (I never met a programming stack I didn’t like!). I am mom to two terrific teenage boys, and my husband Bob and I are both software engineers (we have the most interesting conversations over family dinners!). See you soon-

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Welcome Paula, super excited to have you with us - and loved reading your story (esp ‘tours of duty’ reference, I think I’ve had those as well ;). See you soon!

Hello Emma,

I am Xunfei Jiang, currently working as an Assistant Professor in Earlham College. I had worked as a Software Engineer for 3 years before my PhD. Currently, I am leading a group of undergraduate students doing research/projects. We have several projects require building monitoring systems. I hope I could gain new ideas from the Open Source Day and introduce Open Source projects to my students.

Hello everyone!
My name is Helen Chen, and I’m currently pursuing my Second Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of San Francisco. I have been in school and learning programming for a little over a year, and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to contribute and learn! I took some online courses this summer to learn JS, HTML, and CSS, and I’m hoping this experience will help me learn even more so I can build more interesting websites.
Looking forward to meeting you all!

Hi Everyone, Hi Emma and Larissa,

I am Dorothee Danedjo Fouba, and I’m impatient to meet all of you for Mozilla OSD at Grace Hopper Conference. I am Mozillian, Mozilla Rep in Cameroon. I work as a multimedia journalist, a media education’Engineer and a Blogger in IT issues who has over seven years of experience working directly in digital journalism and IT&web sector, with about 10 years of experience in Journalism and communication fields. As a journalist, I work in General
Inspection of Cameroonian Ministry of Communication and as a freelance also .I am leading a blog, which talks about IT related issues and the use of technology for communication and social media management. My Blog gives to people examples of using various IT techniques and tools for professional journalism and communication on web. As a member of civil society in Cameroon, I am leading Mozilla Cameroon. I am also one of the leader of the non-governmental initiative “Barcamp Cameroon”, an association of people interested by web and IT issues. As a women empowerment specialist, I train women and girls on STEM fields. These non-profit-making activities enable me to travel around the country, Africa to inform and to train communicators and journalists on multimedia tools for generating online content, community and social media management. I am launching this month, a multimedia teaching platform on web for journalist and communicators. This workshop will really help me to be more specialised on Free and Open source software and techniques.

Hi Everyone,

I am Uma Maheswari Anbazhagan, I am very excited to meet you all. I am a software developer at Microsoft since 2008. I have been developing software for almost 12 years now and have focused more on server side coding and databases. I am interested in STEM, love playing with Raspberry Pi and Arduino. I look forward to some good networking and contributions on the open source day.

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Hello all! My name is Lauren and this is my first GHC. I’m from California and Hawai’i, currently living in the Los Angeles area. I currently work as a paralegal, and have been taking evening courses on computer programming at the community college near work. I’m looking forward to participating in this project with you all!

Hello! My name is Natasha and this is my first time at GHC :grinning: I came here from Indianapolis, IN. I have an associates degree in computer programming and I am working on a computer information technology bachelors degree concentrating in web development and design at Purdue University (IUPUI). I also have focused some of my education in web, print and design production. I am excited to be a part of open source day and I hope to learn a lot! I look forward to meeting with everyone :sunglasses:

Thanks so much to everyone who made this such an amazing day! To our mentors and participants - so proud, so grateful! Stay in touch!!!

@umasas2002 was great to meet and be inspired by you!

Hi Emma, it was great working with you too, it was a good team effort. Looking forward to next years OSD already!