Haiyya Office Hour #5

(Sukhmani Grover) #1

Hey everyone,

We had Haiyya office hour #5 on January 11th with 4 participants – Ankit, Ashwin, Pranjal, Aditya. Please find below key notes and next steps.

Haiyya’s take on Adhaar
Haiyya as an organization is against Adhaar. You can read our detailed stance here

Discussion on Privacy Month
We had an engaging discussion about privacy month, ts activities and how can one participate. Ankit from Mozilla India community answered queries raised by participants and shared key information related to privacy month. Important links are shared below:

Key next steps from the office hours:

  • Haiyya to explore and join facebook group of Indian community and start sharing about office hours there
  • Share a blogpost on Haiyya’s take on Adhaar
  • Next office hour to happen on Vidyo or any other portal which makes it easier for wider community to participate

You can look up for our office hour #4 notes here. We will have next office hours on Thursday, January 18th, 7 pm- 8 pm IST.

Looking forward to connect with you, feel free to reach out to me at sgrover@mozilla.com